Friday Freebie: TIGER coloring mask + COUPON

Hey there! In this weekly series you’ll receive a free printable from me!

Thank you all for joining in today! Let’s enjoy the weekend together.

What have I got in my freebie bag for you today? This amazing tiger mask! This one is sure to be a hit with both boys and girls.

They can color it the standard orange, or make a colorful rainbow tiger if they want. Kids can be so arty, let them go wild!


As always, take the time while your kids are coloring to have a you-moment (maybe nurse a glass of wine??).
You deserve it!



This Big Cat mask is part of the Big Cat mask bundle of 3 masks available in my Etsy shop. Includes extra lion and cheetah flavors!

EXLUSIVE coupon for my blog readers: 30% off the Big Cats bundle with the coupon LIMITEDOFFER (ends 26/July/2018)


Hope you guys like it! Let me know if it was a hit with your kids in the comments. ❤


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